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Fractional Solana
NFT Marketplace

Get ready folks ... we are launching the future of NFTs with our Solana Based Fractional NFT Marketplace.

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What is ICO Crypto?

PIQSOL is set to revolutionise the world of NFTs, by making it more accessible, to more folk globally. We do this by greatly reducing costs and drastically reducing the learning curve.

No matter where you are, you will soon have access to a whole new world of NFTs in a brand new fractional marketplace. Buying into the PIQSOL token gives you access to fractional NFTs that have huge 100x growth potential. The NFT world needed a real world solution to high gas fees and affordable access to high value NFTS, and we have solved that. We are piqsol, so that makes you family.

Get ready for the BIGGEST NFT project of 2022

NFTs Statistics – Sales, Trends and More

While non-fungible tokens (aka NFTs) might be confusing to many, one thing is clear (even to newbies) – NFTs are growing rapidly in popularity. Over the years, there were some interesting developments, but as you’ll see from our list of statistics, 2021 has delivered a number of noteworthy statistics.


Million. At the time of writing this web post, the most expensive NFT ever to be sold is The Merge by Pak. It was sold for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway in December 2021


First Physical Work Sold for Nearly $30 Million November was a busy month for digital artwork. It was previously estimated that it would be sold for “only” $15 million.


Billion. The third quarter of 2021 was massive for NFT trading. According to DappRadar, an analytics platform, the trading volume for this period reached $10.67 billion.


According to Google searches, people from China, Singapore & Venezuela are currently the most interested in NFTs. The U.S doesn't feature in the top 10.

Amazing eternal utility of Piqsol on the NFT marketplace

◉ Unlock early access to exclusive NFT drops using Piqsol tokens
◉ Earn staking revenue from platform fees
◉ Earn royalties

  • one

    ◉ Total supply : 18 BILLION TOKENS

  • two

    ◉ Pre-sale token price : 0.001
    ◉ ICO token price : 0.00125

  • three

    ◉ Token Burn : all unsold token will be burnt 7 days after ICO ends.
    ◉ No more tokens will be minted into circulation after the burn

  • four

    ◉ 25% Tax charged at each token swap transaction on the Piqsol Platform for first 6 months.
    ◉ 25% of swap Tax fee earnings on the Piqsol Platform goes to the liquidity pool.
    ◉ 50 % of the swap Tax fee earnings goes back to Piqsol Platform staking holders.

  • five

    ◉ Users can stake piqsol tokens and earn from platform generated revenues.
    ◉ Piqsol Tokens will be used as utility to pay platform fees for fractional NFT minting.
    ◉ Users can only mint fractional nfts using Solana etc and the Piqsol tokens.
    ◉ Token and NFT staking holders will be able to gain early access to the PIQSOL powered metaverse for land and asset purchases.

What Are Fractional Non-Fungible Tokens (F-NFTs)?

The idea of NFT fractionalization is to provide the possibility for several co-owners to possess a tokenized object. The owner of this object can issue a number of tokens that are the parts of the initial NFT and distribute them among the interested parties accordingly. Thanks to fractional NFTs, expensive and unique objects can belong to several people at once.

If you are the owner of a digital BAYC art piece and you want to sell your collectible, you may find it hard to find a buyer due to the high cost of the NFT. However, smaller fragments are much more affordable as they allow purchasing items for much smaller sums and thus conduct various transactions much easier.


High liquidity


Fractional NFTs can easily overcome liquidity issues inherent to costly NFTs. If you own a very expensive product and decide to sell it, you may have to wait quite a long time before you will be able to do this since not every investor will have a sufficient sum at hand. Having divided it into smaller fractions, you can split the Solana Minted NFT tokenised asset into several NFT tokenised assets and sell them for a lower price. This can make the object more attractive to investors and resolve the liquidity issues with current high value NFTs.

Democratizing investments and easy monetization.

Fractionalized tokens may attract investors with limited funds and provide them with more opportunities enabling them to safely acquire valuable assets.

ICO Listed On


11th November, 2021
The beauty of design.
Our skilled design team create the UI/UX flow and the journey begins.
3 platforms
Total number of design suites
11th December, 2021
Platform development begins.
Our team of engineers begins coding for our NFT marketplace.
8 techies
Initial development team members.
4th February, 2022
Token pre-sale
The Piqsol token will be available for purchase globally to early access users.
0.01 USD
Pre-sale price per piqsol token.
9th February, 2022
PR and Marketing
We have partnered with various vendors globally to create a PR buzz and will execute our marketing rollout.
Total press channels
10th May, 2022
NFT Public Mint
We will have 3 tiers at inception for the community to purchase .
Number of our launchpad NFTs
14th April, 2022
Main ICO goes live
The main token sale will go live via our ICO on
Piqsol ICO token price
29th April, 2022
Piqsol NFT marketplace beta launch.
Our fractional marketplace will launch after completing various security and code review audits
3 vendors
Total external security auditors

Token Distribution

Token distribution economics displayed below may be subject to change.

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